Live, Life,

About RoC

Passion and hard work. You might think these things push you to perform at your highest level, but we all know the greatest motivator really is: the music. Music moves, excites, and inspires you to reach higher and go farther—it’s what makes passion and hard work truly powerful. That’s why ROC audio and fitness gear has been specially designed to help active individuals focus on the music that propels them forward. Whether you’re looking for premium sound, design, or technology to suit your active lifestyle, to be the best you need the best—ROC is here to deliver.

RoC 360

ROC audio uses exclusive technology to achieve the highest precision sound experience without sacrificing style or functionality. That means that whether you’re listening through earbuds or headphones, on the field or at the gym, you’ll have the pure sound performance you need to focus and stay motivated for greatness.


Quality materials, fit, and finishing all help to ensure that ROC products continually look as good as they sound. With precision engineering and innovative features developed especially to meet the needs of an active lifestyle, you can rest assured that every piece of ROC gear is designed to help you be—and look—your best.

RoC and Roll

We get it. Your life is defined by action, and the path to your best self is an uphill battle you take on every day. In order to stay on track you need confidence, willpower, and quality gear that’s built to work as hard as you do. ROC premium audio and fitness products are built to help you meet that challenge.